Pavers made from recycled tires?

According to The US Tire Manufacturer’s Association, the United States generated 263 million scrap tires in 2019 alone. The good news is that 75.6% of those tires were recycled. Timbertech is one of many companies helping to generate uses for those scrap tires. Not only do they utilize scrap rubber that would otherwise clog our landfills, but they look and perform great!

Good for the environment, good for you.

Timbertech pavers are designed to be placed over an existing hard surface such as old concrete patios. They install very quickly and easily, and they look really nice. These are a perfect DIY project. While they feel much like regular pavers to walk on, they are slightly softer. So if the kids are out playing, they aren’t likely to get scrapes or abrasions from falls. They come in 4 colors and 2 sizes, so you can be really creative with your patio design.

  • Easy installation: Using a rubber grid that lays on your existing hard surface, the pavers simply sit in the grids. Installation time is reduced by 2/3 compared to traditional pavers. In most cases the pavers do not even need to be adhered to the grids. These are perfect for DIY projects. Install resources click here.
  • Softer surface: Never worry about the kids getting scraped knees playing on the patio! The softer surface is far more forgiving than traditional pavers.
  • Flexible design: Timbertech pavers are available in 4 colors and 2 sizes, for hundreds of designs and pattern combinations
  • Durable: Resistant to extreme weather, mold, mildew, stains, scratching, and cracking.
  • Maintenance-free: These pavers never need sealed. Just sit back and enjoy them!
  • Environmentally friendly: Made from 95% post-consumer recycled materials

Cover up that old ugly patio today! As always, we are here to help if you have questions about calculating materials, installation tips, or design guidance.

Happy building!