Do Maintenance Free Pergolas Exist?

Everyone is aware of maintenance-free decking and railing. Composite decking has been around since 1996, and it has become quite popular. But pergolas were still made with wood for years after composite decking came out. Composite decking is heavy, and requires short spans and frequent supports. Perfect for deck flooring, but not so much for pergolas. You could buy White Vinyl Pergola kits, but no other color options. But technology and innovation keep expanding our choices and improving the products. Now we have pergola kits available in White, Black, Almond, and Clay colors. They come in smaller sizes 8’x12′ and 10’x10′ for example, and go all the way up to 16’x20′. They can be attached to your home or free-standing. Several styles of round and square support columns are available, and the top members (called rafters or joists), are available in straight or curved. You can also add louvered, lattice, or square shade covering as well.


Yes but are they a DIY project?

That’s the real beauty of these kits, they are actually easy to assemble with basic tools and minimal construction experience. They include really clear step-by-step instructions with drawings and easy-to-follow steps. You will need to either set some support posts in concrete, or attach the columns to your existing patio. This is probably the most difficult task. There is some ladder work too. But two people with moderate abilities can assemble a pergola kit in an easy weekend.

As always, we are here to help if you have questions about calculating materials, installation tips, or design guidance.

Happy building!





Image Above: White Vinyl pergola with round columns, curved rafters/joists, and square shade stringers.


Image Above: Vinyl Pergola with White Columns, beams, and shade stringers. Almond rafters/joists. Columns are square.

Image Above: Black Vinyl pergola with square columns and flat shade stringers.