Water management systems can help provide a welcome gathering space

Deck Gutter Systems

If you have an upper level deck with patio space below, you might be wondering if there is some way to turn that space into an attractive gathering space out of the elements. There are actually several different deck gutter systems. You will also hear these referred to as Water Management Systems. There are two basic types:

Above the deck frame

This system installs above the deck frame. The limitation to this type of system is that it can only be installed prior to the installation of the decking. The advantage to this system is that it also protects the framing from getting wet. This system does not provide a finished ceiling, so you can add the ceiling of your choice below it. See figure 1

Figure 1: Water Management system that installs above the deck frame.

Below the deck frame

This type of system installs below the deck frame. This is ideal for existing decks, since the flooring does not need to be disturbed to install this system. There are vinyl and aluminum systems. In addition to serving as water management systems, these also provide a finished ceiling.


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