New and Improved Deck Footings

Deck footings have changed very little since the first deck was built. And it is no easy process: Dig a 16″ diameter hole 32″ deep, get rid of all of the dirt, get an inspection, fill the hole with concrete,wait for the concrete to set up, start building your deck. This cumbersome, time-consuming process was the motivation for the development of the Diamond Pier System. With this footing system you are ready to build in minutes. Literally. You dig a hole about the size of a shovel, set the pier in place, then secure it with long pins that drive into the ground. Install plastic caps on the pins, and you are done! They are approved for use here in Indiana. If your local building department is unfamiliar with them, Diamond Pier has technical documentation right on their website which will show your building inspector everything he needs to approve your new footings. There is a video down below that shows the entire installation process. Sure, these cost more than conventional footings, but the savings in time, elimination of post-hole digging, and no more moving dirt around far outweigh the extra cost.

As always, we are here to help if you have questions about calculating materials, installation tips, or design guidance.

Happy building!