Turn Your Screened Porch Into A 3-Season Room

If you’re like me, your screened porch is your favorite space in the house. Reading a book, quiet time, even meals are best enjoyed outside. While summer time in Indiana is a great time to enjoy those things,  you may want to extend the seasons and also extend the amount of time you can spend outside in the evenings when it gets cooler. While windows can be custom made in any size, the cost for custom windows is really high. The other concern is that windows, while nice in the late fall and spring, will be really hot in the summer. Eze-Breeze windows were developed to fill this niche perfectly.Think of them as high-performance storm windows for your porch.


They are custom made for your existing openings, but don’t let that scare you. They are much more economical than traditional windows. They are referred to as 4-track, which simply means each window has 4 separate panels that slide up and down. So when they are completely open, 75% of the window space is completely open. Perfect for allowing summer breezes in.  Instead of glass panes, they have a super durable vinyl that will stretch with impact, but return to original shape in seconds. It is fun to watch a demonstration of it’s flexibility. They are available in single, double, and triple wide configurations. Single windows are available in sizes up to 113″ tall in widths of up to 54″, and widths up to 72″ wide for shorter heights. Double and triple windows can be ordered up to 144″ wide. There are also matching doors, available in standard and custom heights up to 8′, and widths up to 88″ for a double door. Best of all, measuring, ordering, and installing the windows is an easy DIY project.


As always, we are here to help if you have questions about calculating materials, installation tips, or design guidance.

Happy building!