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I don’t know what I want. Can you help me create a deck design?

With dozens and dozens of inspirational photographs, a professional deck designer with 15 years of experience, and the best deck design software available anywhere, The Deck Store can help you create the perfect backyard retreat.

What kinds of materials are being used to build decks today?

Decking products can be wood; such as Pine, Cedar, and Redwood; or they can be plastic, vinyl, Aluminum, exotic species of wood, and even wood and plastic composites. Railing products are available in an even bigger variety of finishes and styles. The Deck Store has central Indiana’s largest variety of decking products on display to help you select the perfect products for your deck.

I hear a lot about composite decking products. Are composites a good choice?

Composite decking products are usually a mixture of wood flour and plastic that can look very much like wood, but perform much better in the harsh environment of a backdoor deck. These products usually have 20-25 year warranties and require only periodic cleaning. The knowledgeable staff at The Deck Store will be glad to help you learn more about all the decking products available today.

How will I know what product looks good with my house?

The Deck Store has a large variety of decking products on display so you can compare the colors and textures side-by-side, and free samples of most products are available for you to take home.

My old deck is plain and boring. Is there anything I can do to update it?

The easiest way to spruce up an old deck is by installing new handrails. The Deck Store has several unique styles of handrail on display; including some that can be custom-fabricated so no two decks are ever the same!

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