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Deck Design-Where To Begin?

Deck Design-Where To Begin People come in to our store every day asking for design advice. Think About How You Will Use The Deck This is the most important consideration. Do you throw big parties for 50 people, or is it mostly just the two of you? Do you like to eat dinner on the deck, or is it just a place to sit and watch the sunset? Do you want to incorporate a fire pit? Seating area? Do you

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New and Improved Deck Footings

New and Improved Deck Footings Deck footings have changed very little since the first deck was built. And it is no easy process: Dig a 16″ diameter hole 32″ deep, get rid of all of the dirt, get an inspection, fill the hole with concrete,wait for the concrete to set up, start building your deck. This cumbersome, time-consuming process was the motivation for the development of the Diamond Pier System. With this footing system you are ready to build in

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Turn your screened porch into a 3 season room

Turn Your Screened Porch Into A 3-Season Room If you’re like me, your screened porch is your favorite space in the house. Reading a book, quiet time, even meals are best enjoyed outside. While summer time in Indiana is a great time to enjoy those things,  you may want to extend the seasons and also extend the amount of time you can spend outside in the evenings when it gets cooler. While windows can be custom made in any size,

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Deck Gutter Systems

Deck Gutter Systems If you have an upper level deck with patio space below, you might be wondering if there is some way to turn that space into an attractive gathering space out of the elements. There are actually several different deck gutter systems. You will also hear these referred to as Water Management Systems. There are two basic types: Above the deck frame This system installs above the deck frame. The limitation to this type of system is that

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Do Maintenance Free Pergola Kits Exist?

Do Maintenance Free Pergolas Exist? Everyone is aware of maintenance-free decking and railing. Composite decking has been around since 1996, and it has become quite popular. But pergolas were still made with wood for years after composite decking came out. Composite decking is heavy, and requires short spans and frequent supports. Perfect for deck flooring, but not so much for pergolas. You could buy White Vinyl Pergola kits, but no other color options. But technology and innovation keep expanding our