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Help For Homeowners

Just because you don’t build decks for a living doesn’t mean you can’t build or re-surface your deck. We want to be your partner in the project!



Services we offer our customers:

Huge variety of products

We have the largest selection of decking products in Indy! Come in and touch and feel the products. With more than 100 colors of decking on display, you’ll find the perfect color for your project.

Free samples

We have free samples of decking so you can take them home and look at them in the natural light against your house.

Delivery to your door

Our roll-back truck allows us to place your materials on your driveway with surprising precision. Delivery rates are here 

Materials lists

You may know what color decking you want, but do you know how many pieces you need? We can help! But please check our work! We just need pictures and measurements so we can help.

Deck Design help

Maybe you just need a little advice on deck design. Maybe you have an open yard and no idea where to start. We can help. Design options here.

Technical assistance

Maybe you haven’t picked up a hammer since college. You can still build your own deck. But no matter how handy you are, you just might have a question or two. We are here for you! Service options here.

Manufacturer installation resources

Correct installation is important. Make sure your product is installed correctly. Here are the links:

  • Trex installation resources click here
  • Timbertech installation resources click here
  • Fiberon installation resources click here
  • Clubhouse installation resources click here
  • Fortress installation resources click here
  • LumbeRock installation resources click here
  • Zuri installation resources click here
  • Armadillo installation resources click here
  • Westbury installation resources click here
  • RailFX installation resources click here
  • Feeney installation resources click here

Manufacturer warranty links

After your deck is completed, be sure to register for your manufacturer’s warranty. Here are the links:

  • Trex warranty registration click here
  • Timbertech warranty registration click here
  • Fiberon warranty registration click here
  • Clubhouse warranty registration here
  • Fortress warranty registration here
  • LumbeRock warranty information here
  • Zuri warranty registration here
  • Armadillo warranty registration here
  • Westbury warranty information here
  • RailFX warranty information here
  • Feeney warranty registration here

For-a-fee site consultations

Sometimes the installation instructions just don’t answer all of your questions, and emailing our experts a few pictures didn’t work either. You can have our technical expert come to you. There is a fee for this service, which varies by time and distance from our store. Click here for details.