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Tom Booker

Why you need to meet him Tom is one of the founders of the company, and is a co-owner of The Deck Store. He has decades of experience in the deck world. Previously he started and ran a highly successful deck installation company that grew to be one of the larger deck building companies in the Indianapolis area. Tom’s areas of expertise are deck design and figuring out how much material you need to build your deck.  

Angie Booker

Why you need to meet her Angie is one of the founders of The Deck Store, and is a co-owner. She has been here since the doors opened, and she is usually the first one here every day. Her vast knowledge of deck products will make your head spin! Wonder if widget “X” comes in a “Y” length and “Z” color with Option “AA”?? …..Angie is the person you need to ask. She has (almost) all of the answers! Her…