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February 24, 2021 No Comments Tom Product Education

Do Maintenance Free Pergola Kits Exist?

Do Maintenance Free Pergolas Exist? Everyone is aware of maintenance-free decking and railing. Composite decking has been around since 1996, and it has become quite popular. But pergolas were still made with wood for years after composite decking came out. Composite decking is heavy, and requires short spans and frequent supports. Perfect for deck flooring, but not so much for pergolas. You could buy White Vinyl Pergola kits, but no other color options. But technology and innovation keep expanding our

February 12, 2021 No Comments admin How-To

You can resurface your old deck, but should you?

Can I resurface my old deck?   We get asked this question a lot. Can you simply remove the old flooring on your deck, and install new composite flooring in its place?  Yes you can! Should you? Well that is a more complicated answer. Several things must be considered before making that decision: Consider the amount of money you are spending on new materials, vs the cost of replacing the framework too. Composite flooring and modern railings are the most

May 6, 2014 No Comments admin Product Education

Pavers made from old tires?

  Pavers made from recycled tires? According to The US Tire Manufacturer’s Association, the United States generated 263 million scrap tires in 2019 alone. The good news is that 75.6% of those tires were recycled. Timbertech is one of many companies helping to generate uses for those scrap tires. Not only do they utilize scrap rubber that would otherwise clog our landfills, but they look and perform great! Good for the environment, good for you. Timbertech pavers are designed to